Applying Technology at the Work Site.

Interview a Manager at a Healthcare Site who feels confident they can speak to the experience of rolling out healthcare technology at their worksite. Create a (with info in box to present to group) PowerPoint Presentation illustrating how IT is integrated into this healthcare site. Your PowerPoint Presentation should include the following:

Title Slide including the title of the presentation, your name, credentials, and the date the presentation was created.
At least five (5) content slides presenting the answer to the following interview questions:
The area of practice and its mission.
The type of technology integrated into the work site.
The goals/purpose of the technology.
The barriers that may have occurred when the system went live – if any.
The impact of the technology in regards to workflow or quality improvement.
APA formatted reference page (minimum of three (3) references). You must include a reference for the manager you interviewed formatted to align with APA 6th edition formatting.
Citations on content slides where appropriate.
Writing should be free from grammatical, spelling, and/or punctuation error


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