Application paper – Exercise Adherence to Enhance Health and Well-Being

Rubric of Application paper Topic- Exercise Adherence to Enhance Health and Well-Being The application paper need to be designed to give the opportunity to analyze the use of psychological skills in a Talk show based on your knowledge of Sport and Exercise Psychology. “Exercise Adherence to Enhance Health and Well-Being” is the topic covered in class and discuss how that skill is portrayed in this TV show. Chosen TED Talk Show Why fitness is more important than weight | Leanne Spencer | TEDxWandsworth The paper should address the topic that is covered in the TV show. Identify the topic and then describe how it was shown in the show. Be sure to compare what you saw in the show to what was covered in class and the textbook. (For example, if you choose confidence as a topic, discuss how confidence affected people in the show and then discuss how that is similar or different from what we have learned in class about confidence).

Show me that you understand the course material and can use that knowledge to analyze how the show depicts it. For the paper you will choose one topic, you should be sure to address the following questions: • Explain the use of the topic in the show (you do not have to address EVERY scene in which they show the mental skill but please make sure you are thorough). • Present a critique of both appropriate and inappropriate strategies shown or used as they relate to the topic. • Identify what you would do differently in working with the team, athlete, or individual portrayed in the show • Address implications for your own field (Nursing). How would you apply what you have learned from the show (and class) to develop this same mental skill (e.g., goal setting) in your field? • Be sure to use appropriate references and include a reference page at the end of the paper. The Book that can be used as Reference Weinberg, R., & Gould, D. (2014). Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology 6th Edition. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Follow APA 6th edition- double space The format of the paper (Headings) Summary of TED Talk Show A very brief one-paragraph summary of the TED talk show . it should only be a few lines (no more than 10 sentence). Assume the instructor have seen the show, so just remind him/her what it is about.

Description and Analysis of the Chosen Topic (1 to 1.5 page maximum) Integration of Course Material (1.5 pages minimum) Appropriate and Inappropriate Strategies (1 page maximum) Implications for Practice- Nursing (1/2 page) Conclusion (1/2 page) Some of the course material provided below to get an idea. Introduction to Exercise Behaviour We all know a person who does not exercise, and each person typically has a number of excuses for why they are unable to be active. The three most common excuses for not exercising are: • Lack of time • Lack of energy • Lack of motivation Theories of Exercise Adherence One of the best ways to identify methods to increase exercise adherence is to consider several different theories of exercise behaviour. Each of these theories provide information about people’s exercise behaviour as well as considerations for increasing adherence. Specifically, these theories can be used to predict the likelihood that a person will change his/her behaviour and begin exercising and identify ways to increase exercise adherence.

Therefore, as we cover each theory, we will focus on the following questions: • What are the factors that influence exercise behaviour according to this theory? • How might you use this theory to predict if a person will change his/her behaviour? • How would you use this theory to increase exercise adherence? Use one of the following theory in the application paper: • Health Belief Model • The expectancy value theory • The theory of planned behaviour Increasing Exercise Adherence As you read about the various theories of exercise behaviour, did you notice any common themes? If you review the theories again, you might notice seeing the following concepts a number of times: • Value: Whether you call it value, having a positive attitude, or believing the pros outweigh the cons, many of the theories suggest that behaviour change only happens when people think it is worthwhile. Think about your own life: you will only make a change if you think something good will come from that change. • Confidence: Many people avoid change because they do not think they have the ability to be successful. In order to initiate change, people have to believe they can do it. • Social support: It is very difficult to quit smoking when all of your friends smoke.

Similarly, it’s hard to eat healthy when everyone else in your family has a poor diet. Social support is a critical component to behaviour change. Based on this it seems important to increase value, confidence, and social support for people who would like to change. Below are some ideas that may help. Value • Personalize it: Find out what is important to the person • Accentuate the positive: Highlight the good things that will come from the change • Eliminate the negative: Help them remove barriers Confidence • Set them up for success: Let them experience some success early • Positive feedback: Encouragement is a great way to build confidence • Show them their success: When people see their own positive results, they will feel pride and increased confidence