Animal Stories project For elementary school

Animal Stories project For elementary school
Overview: select a 3 of books that appear to meet the criteria for inclusion in your set project. Select books from a variety of genres–fiction and nonfiction, picture books, beginning chapter books, children’s novels. Equitably assign the reading so that all of the books included have been reviewed and annotated. discuss how you want to present the theme of your project book set.
typed report (2 page minimum) that includes topic, grade, state core and specific objectives, three activities described in detail, (with all information necessary for someone to carry out your activity from your instructions – materials needed, anything you have constructed, or processes which a future teacher would want to know to teach this lesson in the future) and an annotated list of books chosen for this topic. All of these projects should be useful for future teaching ideas.


Look at the Utah State Core ( (Links to an external site.) and choose a grade and subject area your group would like to cover. Identify several standards with the specific objectives that you would teach. Integrating different content areas is great! (Like visual arts and science or theater and language arts)) These objectives should connect to your chosen topic.
Choose your book set to support the instruction for these standards-3 books are required– include as many genres as possible: choose mostly picture book format for K-3 students, both fiction and nonfiction; a variety of reading levels and formats (fiction and nonfiction–picture books, easy chapter books, and novels) for older grades. Select books that would be appropriate for children, have appropriate content and are of high quality.
With your objectives in mind, plan 3 activities that would be used in the classroom with children. How will you use the books to support learning about your topic? Think about how you will provide hands on, exploratory, engaging, involved opportunities for children to investigate the topic and meet core objectives. No worksheets.
Prepare a PowerPoint that reviews your topic, core objectives and explanation/description of each of the 3 activities. You can highlight your 3 books in this PowerPoint .
typed report (2 pages minimum) This report should includ the title of your topic, grade, core objectives, your annotated book list, and a detailed description of your three activities with the list of materials needed to carry out the activities.