analyze a secondary data

The excel file contains all the data that you need for the assignment.

You will analyze a secondary data set and work on this project while applying the techniques you learn in class. Secondary data, as opposed to primary data, refers to data that has already been collected by others. This could be internal organizational records, public government data, market data, and surveys.

a) Variable Definitions and Descriptive Statistics
•Which variable is the dependent variable and what are the independent variables? What do the variables mean and what are their units of measurement? Present this in a table in Word.
•Present descriptive statistics for the dependent variable by using Excel to calculate the mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Present this in a table in your Word document.

b) Multiple Linear Regression Analysis (MLR)
•Perform two different MLRs of your dependent variable against a selection of your independent variables, and use the Partial F-test to compare the two models. On the basis of this test, which of the two models is the preferred one? Comment on why this is the preferred model.
•Given the correlations among the independent variables that you found earlier, are there any reasons to believe that we may have substantial multicollinearity? What does this mean? Comment on this in your Word document and, if necessary, undertake a remedy.

Provide a brief paragraph about your research problem (Vehicle Insurance) in your introduction to set the context. Also, provide a concluding paragraph at the end that summarizes the relationship the independent variables have with the dependent variables.

You put your write ups in the word document and you also need to upload the excel file with the data you calculated. For example, in the excel file you will need to perform two different MLRs and Partial F-test and I need to see your work. I need to know how you get the answer.

Thank you very much

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