Amazon Strategic Marketing Planning

”The Best Marketing Strategies are not Top Down, they are outside in, starting with the customers’ needs and wants”
Critically analyze this statement using Amazon as your case study organization.

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Kindly consider the resources listed in my attachment
At minimum, 8 resources to be used including the listed ones , and you can increase as you like.

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Amazon Assignment Requirements;

For reaching information about Amazon, you may either have a direct search to Amazon’s website or look for industry related information such as Amazon’s press releases.

** Minimum of (8)resources to be used and you can increase as much as you can, including the below mentioned ones.
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Strategic Marketing Planning &Thinking &Decisions concepts.
Competitive Marketing strategy: various perspectives
• Customer oriented marketing strategy (in turbulent environments)
***You are allowed to use any content of the strategic marketing planning & implementation Concepts but that fits under the discussion of the required statement, please consider that tutor still needs to see relation to Amazon case as well as scholarly resources.
**Reflect inside the assignment your understanding about the market mix, target markets, segmentation, marketing plan, different marketing strategies, Customer retention value, SOSTAC, etc. but as appropriate only and whenever needed in relation to the assignment case study only as mentioned before.
** You can use at minimum one supporting Appendix that is related to the case study.
***Harvard In-text citation and Referencing
***Plagiarism-free strict policy
Recommended Resources to be used by the Tutor
Peter Donovan Timothy Samler, (1994),”Delighting Customers”, Managing Service Quality: An International Journal, Vol. 4 Iss 6 pp. 38 – 43 Permanent link to this document: Insight

Kaushik Mukerjee, (2013),”Customer-oriented organizations: a framework for innovation”, Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 34 Iss 3 pp. 49 – 56 Permanent link to this document: Insight

Nigel F. Piercy, (1995),”Customer satisfaction and the internal market”, Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science, Vol. 1 Iss 1 pp. 22 – 44 Permanent link to this document: Insight

David W. Cravens Nigel F. Piercy Ashley Prentice, (2000),”Developing market-driven product strategies”, Journal of Product & Brand Management, Vol. 9 Iss 6 pp. 369 – 388 Permanent link to this document: Insight

Stephanie Coyles Timothy C. Gokey, (2005),”Customer retention is not enough”, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 22 Iss 2 pp. 101 – 105 Permanent link to this document: Insight

Competitive Marketing strategy: various perspectives
• Customer oriented marketing strategy (in turbulent environments)
• Technology-oriented competitive strategy: –
Competitor oriented marketing strategy (in placid environments).
Overview of Strategic Market Management (Source: Aaker and McLoughlin, 2010, Strategic Market Management, John Wiley and Sons). (External analysis – like customer, competition, industry & environment analysis- Opportunities and threats) & Self-analysis -Strategic strengths, weaknesses, problems, constraints and questions).
– Co. Deliberate & Emergent strategies.
– Company Marketing Strategy Components, Strategic Marketing Panningat strategical and tactical levels & Marketing Mix.
– Mapping the key elements of Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing thinking – to achieve breakthrough results.
Company marketing strategy thinking Adoption either Vertical or Lateral Marketing Thinking !

Sources to be used:
European Journal of Marketing:
Donald V. Shiner, (1988),”Marketing’s Role in Strategic and Tactical Planning”, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 22 Iss 5 pp. 23 – 31
Journal of Business Strategy:
Dale Fodness, (2005),”Rethinking strategic marketing: achieving breakthrough results”, Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 26 Iss 3 pp. 20-34