Adverse Trend and Data Management

(Univ of phoenix) Read the following case study regarding an adverse trend in a health care setting.

An elderly patient has been admitted to the medical/surgical unit from the local nursing care

facility. The new lab results in her electronic health record (EHR) indicate that she has methicillin-
resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in her urine. She is placed on contact precautions per the
hospital guidelines. The health care provider arrives to examine her new patient and inquires about

the need for contact precautions. The nurse explains the lab results reveal the patient has MRSA in 5
her urine. The health care provider states that she reviewed the patient‘s lab results in the

emergency room and the urine results were normal. The unit coordinator reveals to the stafi nurse

and nurse manager that this is the third incident this month of lab results being uploaded to the

wrong patient’s EHR when admitted from the emergency department. Write a 1, 050- to 1.400-word
paper based on the case study in which you: Analyze the adverse trend, including how it affects

patient care. Evaluate the data that needs to be collected, reviewed, and applied in the decision- 5
making process to address the adverse trend. Evaluate the information system methods that will be
used to collect the data needed in the decision-making process, including the source(s) of the data.
Evaluate the information technology and tools needed in each step of the decision-making process.
Evaluate any regulatory, legal, ethical, political, sociocultural, and financial issues related to the

data and information technologies that will be used in the decision-making process. Analyze at

least two strategies used to advocate and access social justice in health care design and delivery.