A study of Roger Ebert's work – the master of evaluation


For the last twenty years. at least. I have never dragged my husband to the Galaxy Theater or agreed to go to one of his films, without first consulting

Ebert. the master film critic of the Chicago Sun 77mes- It was a sad day when Mr. Ebert lost his battle with cancer a few years back-

Did you know I actually met him on the elevator of the Hyatt Hotel in Chicago? I was going back up to my room fiom a conference session and he stepped
on to the elevator with me in a khaki trench coat and a fat newspaper under his arm. When it donned on my who he was. my face lit up and he smiled. a

arrogantly I might add. as ifto say. “Yes. you lucky lady- It’s me: the highly esteemed and near legendary expert offilm review. Roger Ebert-” I was

dumb and could think of nothing clever to say. I turned around and stared at the juicy steak advertisement for the restaurant at the top ofthe hotel. a

place an
employee of SFCC wouldn’t afford to go. but it was undoubtedly the destination for Roger Ebert. the master film critic of all time and all ages!

Well. enough of that story. Let’s redirect this tale to our evaluation unit. Please access the Roger Ebert site- You can choose one ofthe newerfilms or

can conduct a search for your favorite film in the search box at the top of the left hand column- Please read Ebert’s review of your film carefully and

your post
this week, provide the following information: Ebert’s thesis which makes a judgement of the film and the apparent criteria he used to make his judgment-
Please note that this week. all you have to do is bullet this information- Provide the thesis in direct quotations. the criteria (directly quoted or

and the link to the movie review. Read each post because there can be no duplicate films If this information is correct. you will earn up to 10 points-

For 10 additional points. you only need to respond to one student- Click on the link and write a response that either agrees with the student’s

conclusions for
the thesis and the criteria or disagrees and provides the correct answers- Your score for this assignment will be determined by whether you have arrived

at the correct answers- You will earn four points for finding the right thesis. three points for identifying two or more criteria. and three points for

your accurate
commentary identifying whether the student to whom you are responding is correct or incorrect in his or her assessment of the review. If. for instance.

believe they have selected the wrong sentence for the thesis. set them straight- Cut and paste the correct thesis or identify the correct criteria for