A Man For All Seasons

First read the following:


DO NOT TELL THE PLAY. DO NOT REVIEW THE PLOT. Tell what you think about the plot instead + what we learn from each part of it.

Please watch for grammar mistakes. This is all based on your opinion and what you think about the story.  Read: Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons.


 It is ok to use other online sources, but make sure to cite them. Use MLA style for citations.


Instructor’s instructions:


One consideration to keep in mind while reading and analyzing A Man For All Seasons is that this great tragic conflict is not fiction – no Sophocles or Shakespeare creating it.  It is a matter of historical record.  Robert Bolt is, of course, imagining much of the relationship of More and his family and close friends such as Norfolk and Rich, but the primary details are matters of record.  The one brilliant element in the play, however, is the introduction of The Common Man who Bolt says in his introduction to the play is meant to represent a character with feelings and attitudes similar or “common” to those of us all!  

What, in your view, does the presence of this character achieve?  Or, represent?





After you finish from the paper please write 4 to 6 sentences commenting about the play.