A Just Society

A Just Society

Over the course of the semester we are given serious consideration to various ethical theories and how they help us to understand some ethical

issues we encounter in our daily lives. Thinking more broadly, a well-considered theoretical basis is essential for a moral society, something we

call the Just Society. The concept of a Just Society is perhaps simple in conceptualization: how should people behave in order for a given society

to be considered as fair as possible to all members of that society? In order for us to determine proper behavior, we of course must have some way

to measure that behavior, and that ‘some way’ is one of the ethical theories we’ve taken
up this semester. So for the final essay I’d like you to discuss what the Just Society appears like to you. To explain and support your vision you

should deal, in depth, with the following questions: how shall people
treat each other? How shall we judge proper (i.e. ethical) behavior? What specific issue or two can you provide to very specifically illustrate how

humans will behave ethically? The last question allows you opportunity to (i.e. you must) bring in at least one, though two is better and more is

yet better still,, applied topics to your essay. Finally, what behavioral standard would illustrate an unjust society? Your essay should be at least

six full pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font and 1-inch
margins. You must provide citations, however a works cited page is not necessary if you are only using material from the text. However, if you use

other sources, you must provide a works cited page. Using outside sources is not a requirement, however; you can certainly write an
excellent paper relying only upon “Reason & Insight” by Timothy Shanahan and Robin Wang.