A case study on Corporate Governance of ADNOC company (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)

• The paper must reference the text book (Thomsen, Steen & Conyoun, Martin (2012), Corporate governance: Mechanisms and systems. Berkshire : McGraw-Hill (367 P) and at least three articles from the reading assignment. The texts must be coherently supported by the references. • The length of the paper should be around 30 pages. • Apply main theories of CG in your case and explain certain arrangement or behaviors of the company. You do not have to use all the theories we discuss in the class. Choose one and use it well for your case is good enough. • Apply key concepts you learn from the class to understand the CG structures or actions of the company. Argue your conclusions well. • Extra literature is encouraged and please reference what you have used or quoted.

 Structure of the paper 1. Introduction (about 20% of the paper) a. The introduction should be written as a problematization (a short background, then focus on discussing the chosen problem/topic that ends up in a research question and/or aim). 2. Literature review (about 30% of the paper) a. How the topic is studied, explained and discussed in the literature and main theories used in the topic b. You need to cover the three basic modules we learn during the course: Ownership and management structure; Board of directors and management; corporate governance mechanism. Comparative CG is good to have but not required. c. This part can also include discussions on research method, theoretical choices, etc.

3. Case company (about 20% of the paper) a. Brief description the case company including history, location, industry, size, core business, etc. b. In depth description of the company’s corporate governance structure, culture, development, strategy, etc. This should include at least the ownership structure, top management structure, executive compensation and corporate governance mechanism of the case company. 4. Analysis (about 20% of the paper) a. Analyze the CG of the case company with the knowledge gained from lectures, articles and text book. b. Must clearly identify which theory or theories are utilized as analytical lens when examining the empirical data. c. Additional references are encourage. 5. Conclusions and summary (about 10% of the paper) a. Summarize the key points b. Draw conclusions of the analysis based on your own reflections 6. Reference (APA syste -As a sample has been attached from last year case study report I want the same paper structure .