3-2 Milestone Two: Your Role and the Triple Constraint


3-2 Milestone Two: Your Role and the Triple Constraint
IT professionals will tell you that their work is a constant challenge as it requires them to be highly analytical and surprisingly creative while

typically acting within project constraints. Further, this complex mindset operates in relation to a team, wherein members often must be both

analytical and creative together!

In Milestone Two, you have the opportunity to practice this rich mix of skills while digging deeper into the student degree progress project and the

work of the project team, aligned with a carefully integrated schedule.

You will take on one of the three technical roles on the project team. Using the Gantt chart, you will first describe the work assigned to your role.

You will also list work performed by others that must be done prior to the tasks assigned to your role. In this milestone, you will also consider the

implications for the project restraints with the addition of a new project component that you will create.

To complete Milestone Two, you will need access to Microsoft Project. This will allow you to read and modify the Gantt chart in this milestone. MS

Project is free for use by SNHU students and can be accessed via Microsoft Imagine.

Microsoft Project resources are provided in the optional resources for this module. The Microsoft Project Tutorial document provides specific guidance

on the use of MS Project to complete this milestone.