Is time spent on the Internet valuable to students’ interpersonal relationships?


Is time spent on the Internet valuable to students’ interpersonal relationships? Type of document: Research Paper
Number of Pages: 11 (Double Spaced) Category: Communications and Media
H1: students feel more comfortable expressing themselves through the Internet over face-to-face communication.                   PLACE AN ORDER TODAY & GET 15% DISCOUNT (CODE GAC15)


Emerging Standards Culturally Competent Care

Review emerging standards of culturally competent care. Here are possible resources to use. You may also use other cultural web sites of your own choosing:
a. DHHS Office of Minority Health;
b. National Center for Cultural Competence;
c. AHRQ;
d. Annie E Casey Foundation

Prepare a 2800 to 3500 word paper in third person APA Style that explores the following topics in your own workplace or a setting that you select for this discussion:
a. Define culturally competent care appropriate for your own workplace, based on your perusal of the assigned readings.
b. Identify the populations served and any issues of population vulnerability.
c. Comment on standards of cultural competence that appear to be met and any that are not met.
d. Identify potential impacts of delivery of nursing care where standards are being met, and where standards are not being met.
e. Comment on solutions that could be implemented where standards are not being met.





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