Health Record Structures in Computer-Driven formats

Health Record Structures i)n Computer-Driven formats

Order type: PowerPoint Presentation

Each slide must be in APA, contain one in text citation, detailed speaker notes in the speaker not section below each slide, and contain 2 scholarly references in APA.

Topic- Health Record Structures in Computer-Driven formats:

• What are the implications of privacy and security management as it relates to your selected structure? –

• Identify the steps in the system development life cycle of the chosen information structure.



“True Blood”

The American vampire series “True Blood”

Order type: PowerPoint Presentation



Personal Growth Speech

Personal Growth Speech

Order type: Speech/Presentation

Make an outline speech on this topic , the speech should start with introduction and 3 body parts and conclusion.

Think of some old behaviour, habit, or belief that used to cause discomfort, frustration, or pain.Things like procrastination, overeating, being a poor listener or friend, or having a victim’s attitude. Prepare to present a 3 minute speech on a process of personal growth that led to overcoming this particular behaviour, habit, or belief.



Experiences of corruption

Experiences of corruption

Have you directly experienced corruption – have you had to pay a bribe?
Each member of this group is to present a short description of their experience (4 min’s), my part will be 4 minutes only.
The presentation should analyse the experience within the (TASP) framework as described on this Journal. (see the attached file)
• Graycar, A., & Sidebottom, A. (2012). Corruption and Control: A Corruption Reduction Approach. Journal of Financial Crime, 19(4), 384-399.
The analyses (this is the work, not sure whether it is right or wrong)
• Type – Extortion
• Activity – Controlling activity (border control)
– Corruption = Monopoly + Discretion – Accountability
• Sector – Customs and immigration
• Place – Jordan / Syria Border
• What I would have done differently


Dear writer,
Read the attached file , then analyse the case as a short (4min) presentation. 1 slide only.
there is a couple of examples in the attached file. You should analyse the experience within the (TASP) framework.
Write the notes I should read in the slide but not to go over 4 min talking.
I am planning to memorize the notes and present it as it is.
The suggested sequence of the presentation is:
1. my experience story
2. analysing the story with (TASP) framework.
3. what I would have done differently.
feel free to edit the story if you find any grammar mistakes and make it ready to memorise.

The importance of researching cosmetic products before using them

The first paragraph needs to be really strong with a personal example (doesn’t have to be real) just a strong grabber. include a clear thesis statement please.

Include 3-5 main points and supporting points and can you add pictures on a separate power point presentation?

focus on cosmetic products that are sold in the uae because i could present them as examples.

try to include the effects, reasons, and solution..





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