Transnational Crime

1. What are the methodological challenges faced in the study of transnational organized
2. Examine the relationship between organised crime and international peace operations
in one of the following countries: Afghanistan, Haiti, Bosnia. Outline the challenges
faced by peacekeepers in tacking organised crime in such places.
3. How does conceiving of organised crime groups as networks assist in our
understanding of TOC?
4. “In order to understand TOC fully, a political economy perspective is required.” Discuss.
5. How does TOC pose a threat to the environment?
6. Discuss the phenomenon of global drug trafficking in ONE region of the world with
respect to one of the following illicit drugs:
a. heroin; (b) cocaine; (c) amphetamines
7. What do we know about people smuggling as a form of TOC? What are its principal
methods, and how might we explain its current significance in the Australian context?
8. “Arms smuggling is a much underrated and poorly understood form of TOC.” Discuss
this statement, stating whether or not you agree, and why.
9. “Organised crime is often linked to political authority.” Discuss and analyse the
crime/politics nexus, using at least ONE example of such a nexus.
10. “The line between organized crime and legitimate business is often blurred.






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