prostate cancer and seed therapy

prostate cancer and seed therapy


Mr. Frank Walker, a male patient, comes into clinic and hands the following pdf file from the internet. He is very
distraught, since he has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and very confused. His doctor is suggesting
something called seed therapy. He says “how can they put radioactivity in my body, isn’t all radioactivity bad for
you?” Your challenge is to calm him down and explain to him what is going to be happening. The other component of
the scenario is the fact your patient is highly educated, but not in the sciences, and he will not tolerate being
talked down to and needs a sound explanation. He hands you an information sheet with the following figure. “What
does this all mean he says?”



Being the supervisor of Mr. Walker’s primary nurse, Ms Allencia. She is not quite sure how to address Mr. Walker’s
question. Write a memo/letter to Ms. Allencis which would help raise Ms. Allencia’s level of confidence in addressing
her patient’s needs. The letter must be professionally written using correct grammer and spelling. The letter must be
highly organized following a logical sequence of information. Bullet points are not acceptable.