personal reflection on case study of online distance education system


this is part of my analysis chapter. my phd research follows an action research approach. in this document I reflect on online distance education system in king abdulaziz university in Saudi arabia. the document (ch6-part1 instructions.doc) is already structured and I mentioned instructions for each section. So, please follow my instructions.

this chapter should be written in reflective way from the researcher (me) perspective.

general instructions for writing this chapter:
— rewrite all sections and Paraphrase them, I mean don’t copy and paste full sentences as some of them are already copied from other resources.

– Writing must be in more logical and academic way, more coherence and consistency presentation of ideas.

– Avoid repetitive in writing.
– You can change the order of presenting the ideas and information to make them look more consisted. Because I wrote ideas in a random manner
-reflective writing (this writing style should include mix of :
 descriptive (outlining what something is or how something was done)
 explanatory (explaining why or how it is like that)
 expressive (I think, I feel, I believe).
– some parts need more expansion of ideas as it is mentioned in the document instructions.