Personal Case Study Reflective Essay

Thesis Statement: Transparent concrete is an alternative( why) to traditional concrete that utilizes optic fibers to obtain its transparency. It has many uses such as utilizing it to light speed pumps and in furniture. It isadvantageous( why and how )to us because it is energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. she said it has to be one sentence
1. Introduction:
The manufacturing process of transparent concrete is almost same as regular concrete. Only optical fibers are spread throughout the aggregate and cement mix. Small layers of the concrete are poured on top of each other and infused with the fibers and are then connected. Thousands of strands of optical fibers are cast into concrete to transmit light, either natural or artificial Light transmitting concrete is produced by adding 4% to 5% optical fibers by volume into the concrete mixture. The concrete mixture is made from fine materials only it does not contain coarse aggregate. Fabric and concrete are alternately inserted into molds. The material is then cut into panels or blocks of the specified thickness and the surface is then typically polished.
3. Uses:
The main purpose of transparent concrete is having the ability to see through a barrier. They can be mixed with everything to make it transparent. For instance, Translucent concrete blocks inserted on front doors or walls next to it allow the residents to see when there is a person standing outside. A more practical use would be using it as wall. By doing that, light will be transmitted from inside that building at night and from the sun during the day. Lane markers and speedbumps can use this to light up roads, also airports can utilize it by using it to light up there runways.
4. Advantages and Disadvantages:
Natural sunlight is the best source for light which is actually free of cost. With translucent concrete walls in a room, it’d be brightly illuminated with natural sunlight. This means that you will be using lights less and decreasing the electricity bill and reducing energy consumption. Not just that, but because walls are transparent, you won’t need to buy as many light bulbs as you used to. It also mean that you will be getting a more sunlight which has vitamin D. Moreover, these optical fibers also work as heat insulators, so they’ll be very effective in cold countries, thereby reducing energy and saving lots of money in both the cases. Additionally, the transparency allows for more security because it gives the ability of seeing what is happening on the other side of the wall. This can potentially increase the security and safety levels in schools, banks, airports, prisons, and many other places. Another advantage is that transparent concrete is that it is aesthetically pleasing and gives a building a more modern look to walls and furniture.The main disadvantage is these concrete is very costly because of the optical fibers. Also, the casting of transparent concrete block is difficult for the labor so a special skilled person is required to do this job. Finally, there are currently only two companies in the world that manufacture this type of material which makes it harder and more time consuming to acquire it for a project.
5. Conclusion:
Transparent concrete has a good light guiding property. It doesn’t lose the strength parameters compared to regular concrete. It has a vital aesthetical property. It can be used for the best architectural appearance of the building. Also used where the light cannot reach with appropriate intensity. Translucent concrete blocks can be used in many ways and implemented into many forms and be highly advantageous. Yet, the only drawback would be its high cost. That doesn’t stop high class architects from using it. It’s a great sign of attraction and artistic evolution. Any structure with a small hint of translucent concrete is bound to make heads turn and make them stand out from other structures. Green buildings would get an easy accreditation by using this material. Large and tall office buildings can share the lighting when the ceilings are translucent, this is both energy and heat saving. This new kind of building material can integrate the concept of green energy saving with the usage self-sensing properties of functional materials. Translucent concrete is the future. It is the smart way of optimizing and utilizing light, a smart way of living.