Packet Tracer simulator to implement the technology.



Case Study – Advanced Network Security – CCNP

The submission date is 25th Dec, 2012.
This is an individual task, please do not copy from each other, answer yourself, browse Internet and get the content and write in your own word.

Some task need Packet Tracer simulator to implement the technology, please build the working topology.

You need to submit the theory report with proper title page and packet tracer files by email, any delay I the submission will result in deducing the marks.

Case Study Objectives:

1. Describe the purposes and types of VPNs and define where to use VPNs in a network.
2. Describe the fundamental concepts and technologies of VPNs, and terms that IPsec VPNs use.
3. Describe how to configure a site ¬to ¬site IPsec VPN.
4. Configure a site ¬to ¬site IPsec VPN with PSK authentication using CLI.
5. Describe the two common remote network access methods used in enterprise networks.
6. Describe how the Cisco VPN Client is used in an IPsec remote¬ access VPN.
7. Describe how Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used in a remote¬ access VPN.
8. Configure a remote ¬access IPsec VPN using CLI.

As part of the reorganization, Superior Health Care System Corporation will provide local and remote access to a corporate intranet for all employees. The organization will also have to implement an extranet to exchange information between our organization, insurance providers and other vendors. In addition, we will provide the ability for patients to connect to our website to make appointments, request prescription refills and make account payments. The CEO would like all of these networks and services designed using VPN technologies. In preparing for this transition, you need to configure and provide proof of concept for the following.

Tasks 1
A site¬ to ¬site VPN will provide the extension of our WAN network. We will use a site¬ to ¬site VPN to connect business partners. In the past, a leased line or Frame Relay connection was required to connect to our partners. We want to save money and provide a more secure connection by replacing these dedicated WAN services with site¬ to¬ site VPNs.
You have been asked to use a network simulation tool (Packet Tracer) to configure a model point¬ to ¬point IPsec VPN connection between Superior Health Care System Corporation’s network and a local business partner “In Your Hands Insurance Group”. Test the connection and provide proof of its security, confidentiality and integrity.

Tasks 2
The CEO has made it his priority to make the new Superior Health Care System Corporation reflect the 21st century workforce. He would like to see our employees have the ability to access critical information they need to perform their work available were ever they may be (at home, in a local physicians offices, or at a high tech diagnostics facilities). Remote¬ access VPNs are the only cost effective, secure solution. Remote¬ access VPNs can support the needs of our doctors, nursing staff and business office. Design and demonstrate the operation of remote¬ access VPNs using Packet Tracer simulator.

Tasks 3
Superior Health Care System Corporation’s business director needs to provide extensive patient services through the corporate website. These services include on¬line appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and check account balances, payments and status.