Indonesian nationalism and the development of the Indonesian language

Indonesian nationalism and the development of the Indonesian language

Subject: Asian Studies
In what ways are Indonesian nationalism and the development of the Indonesian language related to each other? You can choose to look at this from a combination of different historical, political and/or social perspectives.(Compare the similar situation with other Asian countries, China,Taiwan or Japan)

-INTRODUCTION: Say what you are arguing and what you are going to do in the essay in the introductory paragraph. Use sentences like ‘This essay is going to discuss/examine…firstly…secondly…’ in the end of the introduction to show arguments clearly.

-CONCLUSION: restate the arguments in this essay briefly and in the same order as those in the introduction.

-BODY paragraphs: 1.Have a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph by stating the main argument. 2.Within a paragraph (an argument), using ‘firstly’ ‘secondly’ list all the points. 3.Make sure each paragraph is connected/related to another and show the connections. 4.Use headings or sequence numbers to make the whole essay easy and LOGICAL to follow/read.
Have a clear argument that runs through the essay. Show how you evaluate conflicting theories or policies or strategies or approaches.

-REFERENCE: only use academic books and journals as reference to support the arguments. ALWAYS support the arguments (and points within the main arguments) with evidence/reference, and avoid direct quote and run-on/informal sentence. Don’t just gather all the materials without logic! Explain/show the relevance for every reference. The document that I uploaded and listed below must be mainly focused on.

Abas, Husen. Indonesian as a unifying language of wider communication : a historical and sociolinguistic perspective.

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