Implementation at Mt. Baker Products

Topic: case – ISO 14001 Implementation at Mt. Baker Products
Read and then respond the Discussion Questions about the case study attached on ISO 14001 Implementation at Mt. Baker Products.
1. (2 points] (a) What external pressures led Mt. Baker Plywood to seek ISO 14001 registration? (b) How are these pressures likely to differ by industry and region?
2. [1 point] How does the “SmartWood” or FSC certification differ from ISO 14001 certification?
3. [2 points] (a) What role do “aspects” and “impacts” have in ISO 14001? (b) What did Josh discover about the “right” and “wrong” way to identify environmental aspects?
4. [1 point] Who sets the environmental goals and objectives for a company under ISO 14001?
5. [1 point] What was Josh’s major error in the implementation process?
6. [2 points] (a) What are the various ISO certifications available, and (b) how important are they today in creating and maintaining global market share? Justify your answer