: GPS Forensics

The coursework must be done in accordance with order #81232237 which writer is Erin Eve.
There is no limit in the number of online resources/journals. The online resources are more preferrable and they should be as many as possible.
The objectives of my project (project = program + coursework) that I have to achieve are: GPS Forensics:
1. Understanding GPS systems and the way they work
2. Literature search of computer forensics and especially GPS forensics
3. Legal, ethical and commercial issues of GPS forensics examination process and the program that should be developed (see below)
4. Investigation of similar GPS forensics open source software tools
5. Development of algorithm and methodology of retrieving GPS coordinates
6. Design of a Java program which is intended to locate the coordinates and extract them
The last objective is done with the order no. 81232237 but there should be a small chapter with information and implementation of the program.