Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.


Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.

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Case Questions

Refer to text Fundamentals of Corporate Finance and answer the questions in the following mini case studies:


Case 1: Refer to a hotel and replace with data from the company in terms of expansion of the non-current asset base. Estimate the cash flows from such asset acquisition, assuming a cost of capital of 10%. Answer questions 1 (a, b, d, e, f) and
– then provide a theoretical explanation of each method of evaluation.
-then evaluate which is the best technique for capital budgeting (chapter 9)
After that Case 2 and 3: Identify the various forms of capital being employed by the company, and suggest changes to optimize the weighted average cost of capital (WACC). Assume costs of each component consistent with costs in the UAE, and compute the cost of the new WACC. Show all workings (chapters 14 and 16)

In case study 2: identify the various forms of capital being currently used and compute the individual cost of each form.

In case study 3: Suggest restructuring the capital base in a new form and compute the WACC. Justify your decisions.PLACE AN ORDER TODAY & GET 15% DISCOUNT (CODE GAC15)