Finance Mathematics

Topic: Finance Mathematics
hi Sir/Madam,
With this thesis, I hope you can read the requirements carefully and fulfill all detailed requirements. This is very important to me.
As per conversation with the customer service Casey. My professor requires me to submit 3 drafts to him before the final deadline which is 27th August.
Draft and submission time:
Part 1 draft needed on 13rd August
Part 2 draft needed on 20th August
Part 3 draft needed on 25th August
Final submission (100% completed and revised):
27th August
These files (download it from the 1st link of dropbox below):
1. project topic and requirements
2. marking guidelines
3. the LaTex Template (This thesis must be completed in LaTex version Very important!!)
4. an outline completed by me. you can amend it slightly to suit your content for the thesis.
These documents (download the zip file from the 2nd dropbox link below) include
1. the reference books the project description indicates
2. some materials I downloaded from websites, hope they could be helpful.
Thank you very much and Keep in touch anytime if you have questions.