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Enterprise Architecturenterprise Dr. Stephan Aier
1 Formal requirements
This is the final examination for the course Enterprise Architectures 2014 at Reykjavik Uni-versity. This document comprises a case description (section 2) and questions you are ex-pected to answer (section 3). The solution that you hand in should comprise the answers to these questions. The case description provides the necessary background. Wherever necessary and helpful for your solution make your own assumptions beyond the case description and document these assumptions.
Your solution should be a text document that optionally may contain illustrations supporting your arguments. The document format can be defined by yourself, however, your solution must not exceed 7,000 words including all headings, tables, appendices etc. Please provide your solution as a Microsoft Word file or as a PDF file.
Attention: This final examination assignment requires and evaluates your individual per-formance. This is NOT a group work. Please make sure that in case you discuss these ques-tions with your colleagues, your solution is your individual solution and therefore no suspi-cion of plagiarism arises.
Please upload your solution before October 19th, 2014, 23.59 to MySchool.
This final examination represents 60% of your final grade for this course.
Please be aware that for the sake of equal opportunities I will CC my answer to all course participants.
I wish you great success!
2 Case description
The insurance company �Caredenia� is established for more than 100 years in some Europe-an countries and has established a high reputation in the area of health insurance. Caredenia�s key to success were their very competitive products for health insurance. In benchmark tests their health insurance products were always among the very best. Therefore sales has never really been a challenge for Caredenia since customers actively approached the company for buying their products. Still, earnings were rather high.