Employment Law Unit


Employment Law Unit V includes a Case Study assignment. It is similar to the activities  completed for  discussion board and subjective essays, but the deliverable (paper you submit) is more substantial.The case study is based on a work scenario.There are several cases listed at the ends of the chapters. (Chapter 12: pp. 398-400, Chapter 13: pp. 433-435) Choose one case as the basis for the assignment. Please choose a chapter and case that is interesting . Look up the case on the Internet and read about it. come back to the case later for the writing part of the assignment.  understand the important facts of the case and why (or why not) liability was found in that case. Pretend that a scenario “similar” to the case you chose has arisen in your company. You will have to invent a specific factual scenario! Use your imagination! Make it similar, but different, from the one you chose. As a matter of fact, to make the assignment more interesting, create a set of facts that do not arise to the level of whichever kind of liability (or cause of action) occurred in the case you chose from the book . Create a set of facts that are similar to liability but do not create a prima facie case. (Yes, I know I said it three times, but I wanted to be sure you understand what I mean.) The HR Director has asked you to prepare a memorandum outlining the legal issues and outlining a recommendation. Rather than a scholarly paper format, please use a technical writing format. Here is a list of grading features for your memo: MHR 6401, Employment Law 3 • Use standard memorandum format. (If you are unfamiliar with memo format, please look on the Internet using the key words “memo format” and choose any of the generally accepted formats. Be sure to put the term “Memorandum” at the top!) • Use these paragraph “headings” for your content: o Background (invented summary of the factual situation in your company), o Issue (statement of the primary relevant legal issue; use a format similar to: “The issue is ‘whether’ such and such actions constitute such and such discrimination.”), o Rule (statement of the status of the law in regard to that type of harassment), o Application (see paragraphs below for additional explanation), o Conclusion (statement of the way you believe your company’s pretend scenario will be resolved based on your research of other cases), o Recommendation (make a firm recommendation to the President regarding the best resolution in this case and a method of preventing such a situation from occurring in the future), o References (Include at least three source citations for your paper: probably your textbook, the actual case, and a statute or other case). • The memo should not be over three double-spaced pages in length, excluding the references. You will have to be concise in what you say! (Yes, I know that memos are supposed to be short and single-spaced, but this specific assignment fits the memo format very well so we will use it.) Hints for the application section: