Contemporary Nursing

Topic: Contemporary Nursing
Here are the following details of requirements for this paper:
(Please ensure to provide contemporary references and a bibliography)
Begin by preparing a brief synopsis of case study from your own clinical practice. This case study is to provide
the basis from which you will then develop your response to the following question.
NB: Do not use the person’s name or refer to the person as ’the patient’ or ‘the client’ – please use a pseudonym.
In Britain, the 2014 Report of the Independent Commission on Whole Person Care “One Person, One Team, One
System” (link in assessment section of BB) proposes a novel model for a radical refocusing of health care delivery and is described as setting ‘out a blueprint for bringing our health care services into the 21st Century’ (Labour, 2013
Notwithstanding that this report was commissioned by a political party, could you envisage this model working in your