case study – rehab ward

atleast 20 harward references,
I will upload an assignment to help you follow the format of assignment.
this assignment will be based on the nursing placement i had in rehab ward in hospital.
Patient was admitted to hospital due to R) frontal parietal cranial haemmorphic CVA on 27/07/2015/ Other diagnosis/ past medical history includes R) frontal craniotomy with evacuation of haematome, dense L) hemiparesis, L) sensory inattention neglect, L) hemianopia, depression, HT, Osteoarthritis, moderate oropharyngeal dysphagia, glaucoma L) eye, Constipation, Dermatitis, Hx paranoia, COAP.

please follow the attached assignment format to the assignment using above patient’s past history, please write 3 diagnosis in detail – one should be the reason why patient admitted to the hospital.
in this assignment, what medicATION WILL BE THIS PATIENT ON, detail on medication bit more than the attached assignment like why this medication being used and what are their purpose. CARE PLAN ACCORDING TO THE DIAGNOSIS.