Case Study – IBM

First, Read the article about IBM. (Please see the attached file of “IBM Design-Centered Strategy.pdf”)

Next, write a brief essay about following questions:

1. How the company is implementing this culture change?
2. What is an example of how the company is focusing on a structural perspective to do this?
3. A human resources perspective?
4. A political perspective?
5. A symbolic perspective?

6. Can you find, or predict, how the company will use the four dominant perspectives as they invest in this major effort?

You may wish to see the article online so that you can view the photos for more evidence of what is happening.

There are other sources of information available, too, if this interests you. See Fast Company, for example:

**In your essay, you should use the reference from the textbook (Please see the attached file “Reframing Organizations.pdf”) and outside resources to support your opinions and conclusion.*****

***Please notice writing skills (clarity, style, and grammatical structure), accuracy, quality and completeness.*****