Case study analysis

There are many components that a lecturer will be looking for in your case study when assessing it. It is therefore necessary that you familiarize yourself with what an examiner could be looking for when carrying out a case study analysis. This will enable  you pay attention to these specific parts of a case study so as to increase your chances of obtaining an impressive grade on your paper.

To begin with, a case study must be biased towards the subject being analyzed. The circumstances leading to the event you are analyzing are likely to be very unique and therefore it is necessary that the facts are presented in a manner that suggests so. The bias should however be limited to the representative samples in the analysis. If your case study analysis can reveal that you have been restrictive enough in exploring your subject of study then you are on the right track.

Another issue that will be at the heart of a case study analysis is how careful a student has been in the selection of the samples he intends to use in his analysis. Selection of samples has to take into consideration sample size, relevance to the case and the availability of information on these samples. This explains why information oriented sampling is preferred to random sampling when carrying out a case study. It is the only way that samples which are deviant or extreme can be set apart from those which have the potential of producing a good paper.

A case study analysis will not be complete without consideration of the historical background of the topic. A case study that is fully supported by the information which traces its origin will stand a chance of scoring well. All these factors having been considered, it follows that a standard case study need not be the richest in information. What is of primary concern is the proper examination of all the causative factors surrounding the case as well as their implication on the study topic. Specific information is key in any case study.

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