Case study about teaching child

Case study about teaching child

Order type: Case Study

Task: This is an individual assignment. Each teacher is to prepare a Case Study portfolio on a child of their choosing and identify areas of strength and difficulty in the area of numeracy and discovery. The portfolio will comprise of a 2 pages report (see attached template) which describes the strengths and/or difficulties from a cognitive, social, emotional and physical perspective. The report should include recommendations for an instructional plan which promotes the well being of the child. In addition to the report a collection of activities (minimum of 4) which could be used to support and develop the child’s understanding of numeracy and discovery should be included in the portfolio.

Assessment Rubric: Teachers will initially self-assess according to the supplied rubric and the profile will be assessed by the course leader.

• Individual Educational Plan to be used for assignment
• Reading (available in attachment) or (research your own) Why an IEP is Important by Chad Perriro.

Procedure: Think about a child whom you know or have taught, and the degrees of difficulty they face in learning numeracy and discovery. Arrange for an initial meeting and develop a shorts series of questions and activities which you will explore with the child. Think about how you will investigate the cognitive development, along with social, emotional and physical aspects of the child’s life. Make a plan, take notes and use the template to draft the report