Case study

A case study is an in-depth study of an individual, an event or a phenomenon whereby a lot of focus is put on it while all non related issues are cut out. In this kind of study nearly all the details touching on the life history of the subject of study are looked into. The patterns as well as the causes of behavior or tendencies witnessed in the subject are also put into spotlight. It is normally the ultimate aim of any case study that the learning that shall come out of the study can be generalized to many others. It is, however worth noting that many case studies are very subjective in nature and therefore the generalization should be done prudently.

There are two main approaches that are mainly adopted when writing a case study. These are the prospective and the retrospective approaches. The former is done by observing the subject of study over a specified period of time in order to determine the outcome of the aspect that is being studied. For example, a group of people can be observed over a period of a few months in order to determine how they respond to a certain newly invented treatment of a disease.

A Retrogressive case study traces the background of the subject under study by analyzing its historical information. The researcher starts with an outcome and then works backwards in order to determine the factors that might have led to the occurrence of the phenomenon.

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