Case Study

Task description:

From the events identified in assignment one, select one event to attend and evaluate.

The event must be of, either a cultural, sporting, or business nature. A mega-event cannot be selected for this assessment task. You will need to choose an event in your local area that will be held between Week 7 and Week 12 of this session and which you are able to attend in order to complete Assessment 3.

Using report format and style describe and analyse the planning intentions of the event in regard to the:

Purpose, goals and objectives of the event;
Event program, location, and duration;
Community and corporate stakeholder relationships
Expected vent impacts

You can obtain this information from the event website, by speaking to the event organiser, through personal observation as well as online and secondary research.

The report should be structured using a clear and simple format including;

A table of contents,
An introduction,
Body – that addresses the key topics listed above. Headings should be used in the body of the report.
Conclusion – summarises the key ideas that you presented; and
A reference list
Appendix (if relevant).
NOTE – The table of contents, reference list and appendix will not be included in the word limit.