Case study

Due to recently fire, View Master Manufacturehas lost all the engineering documentation for the 300,000 pieces of an existing outdated model that have been left on the stock. The company have hired a new team in order to modifying new changes for an old model and create a new 3-D solid model with necessary engineering documentation. The company expects us to design an attractive modern, curved, seamless, ergonomically design

haired us to make a new change for what have been lost during the file which were 300,000 pieces.
First require is to create a complete set of engineering drawings describing both the old, and new designed. By using NX 9.0, it provides a 2-D multiview drawings as well as 3-D drawings and 3D assembly in detailed. Other requirement is to describe every rationale and reasons for any action that experienced while preparing for the case study. Last require is to represents what have done in order to make a new design and what is the changes that have done to renew your old design.