Case Study

Case Study- Human right and long term care

Linda is a 25 year old resident in a supported living accommodation. she has a dual diagnosis of mild learning disability, a history of depression and self harm. Although she enjoys a fair amount of freedom, she is susceptible to sexual exploitation. The care team has concluded that she lack the capacity to live independently. Recently she has been expressing her wish to have a baby and has approached her GP for advice. She is sexually active and feels she should stop taking her contraceptive pills. her parent who visit her weekly are unaware of her intention but in the past they have strongly indicated that they would like her to be ‘sterilised for her own protection.
QUESTIONS: (Each question should be underlined)

1.Explain the concept of person-centred care or integrated care and the professional most likely to be involved-100 words)

2. Discuss the concept of service users involvement, empowerment with reference to the chosen case study. (80 words)

3.Identify and discuss the potential barriers to partnership working and how they can be addressed. (100 words)