Case Studies

1. How many hours per week Is the recommended duration of combined cardiovascular and resistance training
for diabetics?
2. How many days per week should a diabetic perform cardiovascular training?
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3. How many times per week should a diabetic perform resistance training?
4. Using the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) risk stratification process, what level of risk is Ned?
5. Apply an understanding of Diabetes to exercise by answering the following questions:
5a. What is Diabetes?
5b. Search the web for medications prescribed for diabetes. Copy the URL into the row below and write
down the name of the medication and how this medication works to help manage the disease.
5c. Search the web or other sources for organisations that develop awareness of diabetes. Copy the URL
or provide the reference in the row below.
5d. What is hypoglycaemia? Provide three (3) signs of this condition?
Hypoglycaemia is:
Three signs are:
5e. If Ned presents with hypoglycaemia, what advice should the Fitness Instructor give?
6. Ned’s doctor has placed him on a low Glycemic Index (GI) eating plan. Answer the following questions
about this plan.
6a. What is GI and what does the rating mean?
6b. What are the advantages of this eating plan for managing Ned’s condition?
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Completion of Part 1 is essential prior to Part 2 and knowledge of all three case study.