Case Analysis

Analyze the following cases individually, explaining the nuanced Mens Rea and Actus Reus elements in every case. Further discuss any defenses that were raised or omitted and why.

People v. Marrero (Court of Appeals of New York, 1987)

People v. Knoller (Supreme Court of California, 2007)

People v. Goetz (Court of Appeals of New York, 1986)
Must be a cogent, thoughtful discussion that includes a bibliography and the proper use of long quotes.

Here are some elements/topics that should be in the paper:
– What is the corpus delicti of the crime charged?
– What are the constitutional roots of the defenses raised?
– What statutes are involved and what is the controversy regarding it?

These topics are not all inclusive. Include personal impressions and opinions in the conclusion.

The only source allowed to be used is the textbook “Cases and Materials on Criminal Law, 6th Edition” by Joshua Dressler