Business Report Case Study

Read the Case Study below and use this as basis for your report.
ABC Clothing: HRD strategy of ‘build not buy’
ABC Clothing is a manufacturer of leading brand casual wear employing 1500 people across the UK. Concerns were raised about inconsistent sales performances within the organisation. It was recognised and accepted within the division that a step change in effectiveness was needed.
As part of an organisation refocusing process a ‘people strategy’ was launched that gave more responsibility to line managers for the HRM process to improve the sales performance. The HR strategy comprised three main strings: A ‘build not buy’ approach to recruitment and development; performance management and rewards; all of which were linked to the wider business strategy and to a number of organisational performance targets.


Use the Case Study as your frame of reference and write a 2000 word report, addressing the following points.

Identify the potential resource and skills gaps, relating to the changes, necessary to meet the organisational objectives. In your answer you should address the following:
a.What are the current skills and what new skills might be necessary to meet the new challenges?
b. Consider the current and potential job design and job descriptions:
What are the responsibilities of the organisation to develop these skills in their employees?
What are the individual’s responsibilities in developing their skills?
If you were one of the line managers, how will you create a personal professional plan for yourself?
a.What are your current skills?
b.What skills will you need for the specific position?
c.How and when will you develop those skills?