Website plan

A plan for business concept and its associated website. A business proposal with some managerial and technical aspects that detail how a website can benefit a specific business and how the website will look, feel and run. Trying to sell someone on the idea of having a website created for their business where you are the website creator and administrator. Think of the plan as a ‘pitch’ to a potential client, showing off your knowledge of their core business and the business’s specific goals, describing how websites can potentially increase market share and most importantly, providing evidence of your process in website design, administration, and successfully utilizing internet marketing techniques. It is a pitch that promotes the purchase of a website.

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1. Introduction;

2. business background;

3. business goals;

4. website goals;

5. competitor website analysis ( +table of strengths and weaknesses);

6. target audience;

7. forecasted use environments;

8. user tasks (bullet points);

9. website content;

10. development tools;

11. website content storyboard (additional) (an image or box based description of howthe pages will link together and how the menu system will provide users access to every page);

12. website template designs (how will they look and be constructed) (describe and display);

13. process analysis ;

14. marketing techniques;

15. conclusion ;

16. reference list.