Theories of International Trade & Investment

Theories of International Trade & Investment

International Institutions

2- After that answer the quition

Unit 3, question 1
What are the major multilateral institutions and what are their purposes? In your Element Three, explain at least
two of these institutions and include an example (for each) of an activity they have engaged in over the past several
years. Be specific in your examples. Be sure to explain whether or not you feel the organization
was successful in achieving its goals.
3-The following format is required

Element 1: A well-developed, comprehensive response to the question consisting of a minimum of two to three paragraphs in length.

Element 2: A citation and example from the textbook or related resource, including page number, to support your response.

Element 3: An example that complements your response using your own work experience or that of a business or multilateral organization (this information can be found through research). Be sure to include all references. Do not include quoted material in element three. In addition to your explanation of your example, you may provide links to any online sources or information you feel could be helpful to your classmates


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