surplus problem of trade balance in kuwait


TMA structure :

The student must select a topic in an area which interests him/her. His/her task is to write an extended essay of up to 3000-3500 words on the project of his/her choice.

The aim of the project is to enable the students to learn and develop different skills, apply and explore concepts, hypotheses, theories, analytical techniques and methodological skills. This can be achieved through identifying an economic problem, addressing the question, collecting and assessing data either qualitative or quantitative, making academic judgments about the work of other studies, carrying out research interviews or working with econometric models.
First, you need to decide which of the following three project options will suit you best:
– A literature review in which you look at a number of books or articles from a selected part of the course or from DD202 course. You compare and contrast authors’ analyses of a topic and come to some evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments and provide your contribution.
In choosing a particular topic, it is important to decide upon a set of objectives. Try not to be too ambitious and focus on a narrow course-related topic. Remember that you have only 10 weeks to prepare your project and to meet your cut-off date.
the paper should look at an economic problem in your country.
i have selected an economic issue in kuwait which is surplus(positive) trade balance resulting from exporting oil. My idea is that many economics believes that a positive trade balance is an indicator of economic growth, and what i try to prove is the opposite that surpluses is harmful since kuwait suffers from domestic slow economic growth and ect.

-An abstract

-Introduction (500) words: discuss t he problem or issue (why i have selected this topic) because trade surplus is not necessarily of economic growth. kuwait suffers from domestic economic growth .

– Body (Literature review) what other studies, economists or researchers have said about this problem( trade surplus) and what solutions or conclusion they have reached ? Then your own evaluation whether to agree or disagree with them , providing solutions or potential future solutions to correct the (trade surpluses) in kuwait.