Risk analysis Mexico

Risk analysis Mexico

Subject: Business
This is a team assignment that I only need you to address the bullets in yellow! I have included the instructions for the whole paper just to give you a better idea of what we are doing…remember, you are only doing the bullets in yellow. You are doing a risk analysis on Mexico.

The team assignment is all about doing a risk analysis of water filtration into a country where it does not currently exist. The goal is to analyze all the potential risks of the country in which we plan to introduce our product. Our country is Mexico. Be sure to be specific and factual in your answers. Remember this is a risk analysis. The paper should not make comments such as “team will need to perform a SWOTT analysis to understand potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threat, & trends.” As part of your risk analysis and this project, you are to actually have performed the activity rather that stating that it needs to be done.

Prepare8 page paper in which you conduct a country risk analysis for your selected global business venture. Analyze the following risks in your paper:
MEXICO is the contry you need to address the blow bullets on

• Political, legal, and regulatory risks
• Exchange and repatriation of funds risks
• Competitive risk assessment
• Taxation and double taxation risks
• Market risks (four Ps)
• Distribution and supply chain risks
• Physical and environmental challenges to entering and operating in a target market
• Social and cultural risks
• Cyber or technology

Describe how you would manage these risks

Summarize your strategic planning process:

• Define and clarify mission and objectives
• SWOTT analysis of target country
• Make strategy selection
• Select and justify an appropriate mode of entry for your global product or service
• Control and evaluation
• Devise contingency plan


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