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Alta : Oracle’s New Approach
Alta UI, released earlier this week, is the latest launch from tech giant Oracle. The culmination of over two years of user experience analysis and prototyping brings what Oracle is calling revolutionary for their product line. Intended for use with their slew of cloud products, fusion applications, and mobile apps, deployment has been continual.
According to Kanaracus (2014), “the goal with Alta is user interfaces that can adapt to various device types and screen resolutions while giving users a consistent experience.” The development was focused around four key design principles of design for mobile first, keep layouts simple and uncluttered, provide a clear information hierarchy, and engage users with more visual content. In adding support for mobile viewing, layouts are restricted to a maximum display width size of 1024 pixels to allow vertical flow. The layouts are simplified with more space and fewer page elements. A gallery of interface patterns is available for viewing, showing a consistent look and feel of products privately designed. Alta additionally encourages user interaction through the use of data visualizations, animation, and specialized color palette. Combined with a reworked structure for the display of the information hierarchy, users are presented with a modern and highly usable layout.
Alta UI also promises increased performance for users, as a result of the new minimalistic design approach. The modular components give flexibility to developers, with increased support for browser and mobile compatibility. The appropriate reduction of unnecessary stylistic elements encourages faster loading, helping to optimize large systems.
With the widespread reach of Oracle’s line of products, we will soon be seeing the effect Alta has brought upon customer perception. A step in the right direction, this interface trade up has brought the tech influencer up to speed with the likes of interface gurus Google and Apple. Oracle has hinted there is more to this story, and we’ll be on the look out to see what they’ve got in store next.
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