Resource Analysis Evaluation For A New Venture!

This paper should be written in 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides. The page limit for this assignment is four pages, i.e a page to each answer.
Using concepts from Session 2 (power point slides uploaded with order) evaluate your venture (a insulating paint start up company) using the resource-based view of the firm. Specifically:
1. Identify and describe the resources (capabilities/competencies, tangible resources, intangible resources) that your team currently possesses. (It is OK if your current resources are quite limited).
2. Evaluate the extent to which each of your existing resources meets the VRIN criteria. Keep in mind that until you have a signed, exclusive licensing agreement on a patented technology, your technology is probably not rare or inimitable – yet.
3. Briefly describe the resources that you think you will need to build in order to have a sustainable enterprise in the longer-term (e.g., 10 to 15 year) time horizon. In other words, what VRIN resources will you need to put in place over the next several years in order to have more than a “one-hit wonder”?
4. Develop a staged plan for how you will build those resources. In other words, how will you get from your current resource position to your future, desired resource position?
N/B: Also uploaded with order is the Zappos case and Sawstop Case both used in class for this topic. You can do more readings and external research if needed to write a quality paper with the answers.