Quantitative techniques in business

Topic: Quantitative techniques in business
Quantitative Techniques in Business (QTB)
You are the Assistant Director of Strategy of a company of your aspirations,
and have been charged with producing a forecast of the company’s operational targets:
• Sales/Turnover forecast of 5 years
• Net profit forecast of 5 years
• Total Asset Values forecast of 5 years
• Long term liabilities forecast of 5 years
Using historical data from the company of your choice e.g. Deutsche Bank, RBS, BNP Paribas, Coca-Cola.
Task 2: Data Entry and Analysis
Input the primary data collected in any statistical software (say SPSS; Excel; Minitab and so on) and analyze the data in the context of the following:
i. Descriptive statistics of your variables [use the mean and standard deviation]You may support your presentation with a graphical analysis;
ii. A regression analysis at the 95% level of confidence noting factors that 
 have significant impact on the dependent variable = Sales Revenue
Task 3: Report Writing or Presentation [3000 Words]
Write your report using the following contents:
• Introduction [300 Words]
[the objective of the report; the key highlights to be captured; and so on]
• Factors influencing the choice of an company: [800 Words]
• Sample characteristics: [300 Words]
[the response rate; demographic characteristics; the choice of sample and justification: Support your discussion in this section with some relevant graphs]
• Data Analysis and Findings: [1400 Words]
[Descriptive statistics and regression analysis]
• Conclusion and recommendation (s): [200 Words]
[provide a suitable conclusion and recommendation that can used by an airline service providers to enhance their market share or performance.