Netflix Case Study


1. What is Netflix’s business-level strategy? Support your response with logic and facts from the article.
2. Is Reed Hastings and effective strategic leader? Why or why not? Use the characteristics of strategic leadership to help analyze Reed Hasting’s leadership approach.
3. Conduct a value chain analysis for Netflix based upon the material presented in the article. Make sure to highlight connections between the primary and support activities that create value for the organization.
4. Select a capability (or bundle of capabilities) that you see as a strength of Netflix. Using the VRIO (Valuable, Rare, Difficult to Imitate, Non substitutable) framework, make a case for that capability (or bundle) as a source for sustainable competitive advantage for the firm.


Please put each question on a separate page, and make responses one page in length. Be clear and concise in your answers.

Please use single spacing and Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1” margins.. The body of the assignment should have appropriate headings and subheadings to organize the material. Include a single space between sections, paragraphs, question responses, etc