Legal Aspect of Global Business

Legal Aspect of Global Business

a) Explain the different types of intellectual property rights, giving practical examples and legal cases to support your answer.(think about Copyright, trade mark. Legal cases maybe think of Patent)

b) Identify and demonstrate areas where electronic communications actually and potentially interfere with the ownership and exercise of intellectual property rights. Use examples to support your explanation of the legal and practical issues.(think about copy right, including music, films, books and magzines, problems on the web)

c) Summarise one legal case which relates to the interference described in b) above. Show how the outcome of that case has affected subsequent behaviour by those in the industry.

a) Explain the law relating to the requirements for a legal contract to be formed and give practical examples to support your answer.

b) Propose where there are actual and potential conflicts between traditional contracting and electronic contracting in terms of the legal and practical issues.(Think about EBAY, traditional contract is face to face issue)

c) For one of the requirements for a legal contract in a) above, show how the Law has developed over time and use the case Law to demonstrate that the chosen requirement is indeed essential.(Pick up one contract law from English law, Hongkong law or Chinese law, show how lows changes over 50 years)


General Law
? Smith and Keenan – English Law ? Charles Wild, Stuart Weinstein – Pearson Education ? 2010
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? How to Cite Legal Authorities – D. French ? Blackstone Press ? 1996

Business Law
? European Union Law for International Business: An Introduction – Bernard Bishop ? Cambridge University Press – 2009

Commercial/Contract Law
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? Consumer Protection: Law and Practice – N.K. Jain ? Regal Publications ? 2008
? Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston’s Law of Contract – by Michael Furmston ? Oxford University Press – 2006

Company Law
? Company Law Concentrate – Lee Roach ? Oxford University Press ? 2011
? Company Law: Core Text – Core Texts Series – Alan Dignam, John Lowry ? Oxford University Press – 2010

Competition Law
? Competition Law – Richard Whish – Oxford University Press ? 2008
? Blackstone’s UK and EC Competition Documents – Blackstone’s Statute Series – Kirsty Middleton – Oxford University Press ? 2007
Intellectual Property law
? Intellectual Property – David Bainbridge ? Longman ? 2010
? Blackstone’s Statutes on Intellectual Property – Blackstone’s Statute Series – Andrew Christie, Stephen Gare – 2010

Employment Law
? Essentials of Employment Law ? D Lewis and M Sargeant ? 2009
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Environment Law
? Environmental Law – Stuart Bell, Donald McGillivray ? Oxford University Press ? 2008
? Safety, Security, Health and Environment Law – Michael Tooma ? Federation Press – 2008


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