International business and trade

You are requested to produce a consultancy report for a company of your choice which intends to pursue an internationalisation strategy regarding expansion into a particular country. In this report, you are only required to examine the business environment that affects the decision makers in the company about the choice(s) which they could make. You are to write this as a professional consultancy report suitable for a REAL business environment.

The report should have the following parts:
1. An executive summary where only the key findings and recommendations of your report are presented. (5% mark)
2. A clear analysis of the key global trends affecting the current and future developments of the industry or sector relevant to the company which has sought your advice. These trends could include issues such as demand, competition, supply costs, technological changes, environmental factors as well as key regulatory economic and geopolitical factors; (40% mark)
3. A clear analysis of the relevant domestic factors in the targeted country in terms of demand, competition, costs, regulations, cultural, political and ethical issues and other specifically relevant factors. (40% mark)
4. A set of actionable recommendations based on parts 2 and 3 of your report. (15% mark)