Strategic Human Resource Management of report


Introduction (Creative one)

STEEPLED (External Environment)

Opportunity and threats of MetalEx

New Business Strategy that need to apply in metalEx to achieve business goal

Evaluation of the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses

New HR strategy that need to apply in MetalEx company which can integrate and support the business strategy of MetalEx

Human resource policies and practices


Conclusion (creative one)

references must be peer reviewed journals and book not the soft URLs which must be from (2009-2015) not old articles.

Design HR Strategy:

Consider the implications of this business strategy for the HR system. Think about the internal characteristics of the organisation. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Most importantly for this set of assessment items, think about the organisation’s staff, their skills, the people management system. Think about how HR can add value. Taking into account the business strategy, develop a statement of HR strategy – the broad features of a people management strategy for the organisation that uses HR policies and practices to better achieve the organisation’s goals. Outline the ways in which HR can help the organisation achieve these business goals. In addition, consider ways in which HR can be a source of strategic advantage