performance appraisal article poster

you have to choose an article that is related to performance appraisal, with the article you chose you have to design a poster describing the article in a brief way. also you have to write a report about the article. I will upload the guideline it explains everything in details just read it very carefully.
Written Review

The student must submit a paper for assessment which includes the following: In approximately 2,000 words complete a review of their article which addresses the following
1. Title, author, date and journal
2. A summary of the main points of the article – approx. 150 words, which includes an overview of the argument and/or topic and the perspectives taken
3. Other authors or theoretical perspectives that are aligned with the article or oppose the ideas or findings in the article. This should be the main body of the literature review, about 1500 – 1600 words
4. The learning that you have received from the article
5. Comments – positive and/or negative – you may have in addition to those raised by other theorists. Feel free to include examples that you may source in the media – please make sure you reference them appropriately
6. Short conclusion
7. Reference page

Remember – A literature review is not the re-telling of what is in the article you presented. It is about comparing and contrasting the main points in the article you choose with the opinions, findings, research, and ideas of other researchers. A minimum of 5 – 8 other references should be incorporated into the review and included in the reference list at the end of the review. There should be evidence that the Saudi Digital Library has been used to source the majority of these references.