influence of celebrities and the influence of parents

The influence of celebrities and the influence of parents

Essay 2: Comparison/Contrast

Task: For this assignment, you will write a 3–4 page essay comparing/contrasting two or more things. This is a process that you use when (1) you want to make a choice between two or more options (e.g., what course to enroll in, what movie to see, what CD to buy, etc.); (2) to persuade readers that one subject is better than another in some way (e.g., one restaurant has a better selection of seafood than the other); (3) to clear up confusion (e.g. by explaining the difference between a biologist and a biochemist); and/or (4) to persuade readers that two seemingly unlike subjects (people, events, texts, films, procedures–or anything else) possess similarities.
The comparison/contrast essay not only describes both the similarities and the differences of two or more subjects, but it also relies upon a detailed description of those aspects of your subjects that are relevant to your focus. For example, if you are taking someone to dinner and you must decide upon a restaurant, what is your main concern? Are you concerned with price, atmosphere, the variety of selections on the menu, or the restaurant’s reputation and/or rating?
When you begin to generate ideas for this essay, be sure to choose two subjects that are related or different in some ways. Although you are responsible for choosing a topic, the following suggestions may help you generate ideas for your essay.
• Watching a movie at home and watching it in a theater
• Reading an Ebook versus reading a print book
• Facebook and Twitter
• Traditional dating versus online dating
• Two approaches to parenting
• A book and its screen version
• Texting and calling
• Sending an e-mail and writing a letter
• Being an employee vs. being self-employed
• The influence of celebrities and the influence of parents
• A four-year college/university and a two-year college
• Two approaches to studying
• Celebrity influence and parental influence
• Two friends
• America before and after Sept. 11, 2001
• online classes versus on-campus classes
• two seasons of the year
• birth and death.
• high school and college;
• a topic of your choice.
FORMAT: Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point-size font, 1” margins, 3–4 pages in length, and include a title. Note: Choose either a block or point-by-point method of organization.
Your grade will be based on the following:
• response to the assignment;
• use of proper formatting;
• clear, concise, and well-positioned thesis statement;
• focus on parallel aspects of each item/subject;
• balanced treatment of both subjects/items;
• adequate development;
• use of transitional words/phrases; and
• control of grammar and mechanics.
Proofread carefully.

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